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I have been listening to WUMB - U Mass Boston 's "Contemporary Folk" streaming radio the last week or so.
It's just music - no announcer, DJ or ads.  I like the mix of songs but it's hard to
describe so I made the "playlist" below (not complete, but a good sample).
The web browser based player displays the current and two preceding songs played in a box.

After listening a lot on Sat and off and on in the background as I'm at
my computer (about 10 hours total ??) I've heard some songs repeatedly but I have not
noticed frequent repeats. I've noticed "Copperline" maybe 3-4 times.

MN Public Radio's Radio Heartland has a similar service but somehow I have not listened to it much.
It does have one scheduled Dale Connelly Show at 6-9am  ( 2 hours repeated ar 11am). The show evolved from the
ong running MPR "Morning Show" (which Garrison Keillor hosted at one time).

WUMB playlist (partial) accumulated  2/20/09 - 2/25/09 by copy and pasting.

ARTIST                          SONG                                            TIME     ALBUM
------                          ----                                            ----     -----
Brooks Williams                 Acquainted with the Night                       [2:27] - North from Statesboro
Neil Young                      Human Highway                                   [3:10] - Comes a Time
Cliff Eberhardt                 The Long Road                                   [5:38] - The Long Road
Gillian Welch                   Elvis Presley Blues                             [4:54] - Time (The Revelator)
Eliza Gilkyson                  Bad Boy / Good Man                              [4:56] - Misfits
Madeleine Peyroux               (Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night       [3:27] - Half the Perfect World
Michael McNevin                 Etch a Sketch                                   [5:04] - Sketch
Kate Wolf                       Give Yourself to Love (Live)                    [3:58] - Weaver Of Visions: The Kate Wolf Anthology
Sandi Thom                      I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker                      [2:32] - Smile...It Confuses People
Bonnie Raitt                    Walking Blues                                   [2:41] - Bonnie Raitt
The Push Stars                  Meet Me at the Fair                             [4:04] - Tonight
James Taylor                    Copperline                                      [4:22] - New Moon Shine
Peter Wolf                      Growin' Pain                                    [3:13] - Sleepless
Tom Waits                       San Diego Serenade                              [3:30] - The Heart of Saturday Night
Bill Miller                     Reservation Road                                [6:08] - Reservation Road
Michelle Shocked                Anchorage                                       [3:24] - Short Sharp Shocked
Ruthie Foster                   Smalltown Blues                                 [3:21] - Runaway Soul
Tom Russell                     The Ballad of Sally Rose                        [3:24] - Modern Art
Paul Simon                      America                                         [4:34] - Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin'
David Mallett                   Close Now Than Ever                             [4:13] - Open Doors & Windows
Tom Waits                       The Heart of Saturday Night                     [3:53] - The Heart of Saturday Night
Tom Rush                        Mother Earth                                    [2:36] - The Very Best of Tom Rush
The Resophonics                 Prettiest Blue                                  [3:38] - Wildflower Waltz
Neil Young                      Comes a Time                                    [3:07] - Comes a Time
Arlo Guthrie                    Ukelele Lady                                    [3:24] - All Over the World
Buddy Mondlock                  The Kid                                         [4:52] - Buddy Mondlock
Ani DiFranco                    Angry Any More                                  [3:28] - Up Up Up Up Up Up
Patty Griffin                   Let Him Fly                                     [3:11] - Living with Ghosts
Sloan Wainwright                When I Walk Away                                [2:58] - Life Grows Back
Darden Smith                    Trouble No More                                 [2:37] - Midnight Train
Jimmy Ryan & Hayride            Breaks My Heart                                 [3:15] - Gospel Shirt
Bruce Springsteen               Highway Patrolman                               [5:41] - Nebraska
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer     Ordinary Town                                   [2:49] - Drum Hat Buddha
Lori McKenna                    Mars                                            [4:50] - Pieces of Me
Kate Wolf                       Eyes of a Painter                               [4:11] - Gold in California Volume 2
Ingrid Michaelson               Far Away                                        [3:04] - Girls and Boys
Ellis Paul                      Conversation with a Ghost                       [3:58] - Say Something
Jerry Jeff Walker               Night Rider's Lament                            [4:21] - Gypsy Songman
Chris Smither                   Open Up                                         [2:56] - Leave the Light On
Peter Rowan                     Rainmaker                                       [4:27] - Dust Bowl Children
Jonatha Brooke                  Secrets and Lies                                [4:28] - 10 Wings
Laura Love                      Hard Times                                      [4:20] - You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes
Paul Brady                      Love in a Bottle                                [3:06] - Say What You Feel
Ingrid Michaelson               The Way I Am                                    [2:13] - Girls and Boys
Catie Curtis                    Radical                                         [3:42] - Truth from Lies
Paul Simon                      Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard             [2:53] - Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin'
Vance Gilbert                   Good Cup of Coffee                              [4:26] - Edgewise
Dar Williams                    As Cool as I Am                                 [3:38] - Mortal City
Lucinda Williams                Six Blocks Away                                 [2:52] - Sweet Old World
Bruce Springsteen               American Land                                   [4:44]
Neil Young                      Birds                                           [2:33] - After the Gold Rush
Ollabelle                       See Line Woman                                  [2:51] - Riverside Battle Songs
Jess Klein                      I'll Be Alright                                 [4:30] - Draw Them Near
Joni Mitchell                   Both Sides, Now                                 [4:33] - Clouds
Susan Werner                    Probably Not                                    [2:52] - The Gospel Truth
John Gorka                      Love is Our Cross to Bear                       [4:57] - Land of the Bottom Line
Paul Geremia                    Diggin' Uncle Sam's Backyard                    [3:24] - Live from Uncle Sam's Backyard
Rosie Flores                    Devil Love                                      [4:24] - Speed of Sound
Old School Freight Train        Superstition                                    [3:23] - Run
Jorma Kaukonen                  Blue Railroad Train                             [3:45] - Blue Country Heart
Mary Gauthier                   Wheel Inside the Wheel                          [6:35] - Mercy Now
Salamander Crossing             Passion Train                                   [4:12] - Passion Train
Marcia Ball                     Louisiana 1927                                  [6:55] - Live! Down the Road
Chris Smither                   High Heel Sneakers/Big Boss Man                 [2:31] - Another Way to Find You
Judy Small                      Walls & Windows                                 [3:49] - The Best of the 80's
Catie Curtis                    Dad's Yard                                      [4:24] - Truth from Lies
Randy Scruggs                   City of New Orleans                             [4:55] - Crown of Jewels
Bill Miller                     Geronimo's Cadillac                             [5:35] - Reservation Road
David Mallett                   Thanks to Mother Mercy                          [3:49] - Open Doors & Windows
Stephen Stills                  Johnny's Garden                                 [2:46] - Manassas
Maura O'Connell                 Feet of a Dancer                                [4:12] - Just in Time
Dar Williams                    You're Aging Well                               [4:13] - The Honesty Room
Pat Humphries                   Swimming to the Other Side                      [3:20] - Same Rain
The Wailin' Jennys              One Voice                                       [3:24] - 40 Days
Red Molly                       Long Gone Lonesome Blues                        [3:27] - Never Been to Vegas Live
John Prine                      Illegal Smile                                   [3:12] - Prime Prine Best of John Prine
Susie Burke                     Who Walks In                                    [3:32] - Lucky Stars
The Kennedys                    Raging Eyes                                     [2:34] - Songs of the Open Road
Thea Gilmore                    Call Me Your Darling                            [3:44] - Harpo's Ghost
Kris Delmhorst                  Hummingbird                                     [4:34] - Songs for a Hurricane
John Batdorf & James L Stanley  19th Nervous Breakdown                          [3:34] - All Wood and Stones
Fred Small                      The Heart of the Appaloosa                      [5:55] - The Heart of the Appaloosa
Cheryl Wheeler                  Driving Home                                    [4:51] - Driving Home
Kevin Welch                     Fold Your Wings                                 [4:43] - Beneath My Wheels
Kathleen Edwards                Hockey Skates                                   [4:28] - Failer
Cheryl Wheeler                  75 Septembers                                   [4:06] - Driving Home
Shemekia Copeland               Beat Up Guitar                                  [4:27] - Wicked
Grateful Dead                   Ripple                                          [4:10] - American Beauty
Tony Furtado                    I Will                                          [4:05] - Within Reach
Mary Gauthier                   Mercy Now                                       [5:51] - Mercy Now
Steve Earle                     You're Still Standin' There                     [3:24] - I Feel Alright
Paul Simon                      Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes              [5:48] - Graceland
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert     Harriet Tubman                                  [3:32] - Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert
Kerri Powers                    Nolan's Song                                    [4:07] - You, Me, and a Redhead
Tom Russell                     El Paso                                         [5:39] - Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez  Extra                                           [2:49] - Let's Leave This Town
Arlo Guthrie                    City of New Orleans                             [4:34] - All Over the World
Tripping Lily                   Five Years or More                              [3:15] - The Couch Sessions Live
James Keelaghan                 Rebecca's Lament                                [4:43] - Small Rebellions
Tom Waits                       Rosie                                           [4:03] - Closing Time
Rosanne Cash                    The Unfaithful Servant                          [4:58] - Endless Highway / The Music of The Band
Stephen Stills                  Feed the People                                 [4:23] - Man Alive!
Tom Paxton                      Rambling Boy                                    [3:33] - Live: For the Record
Rory Block                      Lovin' Whiskey                                  [4:08] - Best Blues & Originals
Luka Bloom                      Delirious                                       [3:48] - Riverside
Kate Wolf                       Poet's Heart                                    [4:46] - Gold in California Volume 2
Kathleen Edwards                Pink Emerson Radio                              [4:25] - Back to Me
Neil Young                      Silver & Gold                                   [3:17] - Silver & Gold
Ferron                          Shadows on a Dime                               [5:36] - Shadows on a Dime
Chris O'Brien                   Blue Skies                                      [3:10] - Lighthouse
Gram Parsons                    Return of the Grievous Angel                    [3:59] - Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels
Bob Franke                      A Healing in This Night                         [5:05] - In This Night
Jorma Kaukonen                  Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?            [3:56] - Stars In My Crown
Bill Staines                    Bridges                                         [2:56] - The First Million Miles
Marcia Ball                     Louella                                         [4:28] - Presumed Innocent
Catie Curtis                    What's the Matter                               [3:19] - A Crash Course in Roses
Regina Spektor                  Samson                                          [3:11] - Begin to Hope
Nanci Griffith                  Once in a Very Blue Moon                        [2:35] - Once in a Very Blue Moon
Devonsquare                     I Don't Know Why                                [3:17] - (Devon)2 / Night Sail
Ellis Paul                      Kiss the Sun                                    [4:02] - American Jukebox Fables
Graham Nash / David Crosby      Southbound Train                                [3:55] - Graham Nash, David Crosby
James Keelaghan                 Cold Missouri Waters                            [4:59] - A Recent Future
Jimmy LaFave                    Red Dirt Roads at Night                         [3:24] - Trail
Judy Collins                    Both Sides Now                                  [3:16] - Colors of the Day
Martin Sexton                   Black Sheep                                     [4:33] - Black Sheep
Steve Forbert                   What Kinda Guy?                                 [2:38] - The Best of Steve Forbert
The Kennedys                    Pretty Girl Why                                 [2:16] - Songs of the Open Road
David Olney                     Deeper Well                                     [3:07] - Deeper Well
James Taylor                    Country Road                                    [3:24] - Sweet Baby James
The Duhks                       True Religion                                   [4:17] - The Duhks
Wayfaring Strangers             High on a Mountain                              [4:48] - Shifting Sands of Time
Indigo Girls                    Hammer and a Nail                               [3:51] - Nomads Indians Saints
Peter Mulvey                    The Trouble with Poets                          [3:40] - The Trouble with Poets
The Waifs                       When I Die                                      [2:56] - Sink or Swim
Patty Griffin                   Peter Pan                                       [4:14] - Flaming Red
Mary Gauthier                   Snakebit                                        [4:31] - Between Daylight and Dark
Jesse Colin                     Young Get Together                              [5:03] - Jesse Colin Young GreatestHits
Wayfaring Strangers             Cluck Old Hen                                   [7:26] - This Train
The Green Fields of America     Kilkelly                                        [7:10] - Live in Concert
Lucy Kaplansky                  The Gift                                        [3:40] - Over the Hills
Jonathan Edwards                Don't Cry Blue                                  [2:44] - Jonathan Edwards
James Keelaghan                 Cold Missouri Waters                            [4:59] - A Recent Future
Mary Black                      The Crow on the Cradle                          [3:50] - Without the Fanfare
Marcia Ball                     Louella                                         [4:28] - Presumed Innocent
Paul Simon                      Homeward Bound                                  [2:35] - Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin'
Bob Dylan                       You Ain't Goin' Nowhere                         [2:43] - Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol 2
Indigo Girls                    Lay My Head Down                                [4:20] - Despite Our Differences
Nanci Griffith                  Beautiful                                       [4:10] - Hearts in Mind
Neil Young                      Silver & Gold                                   [3:17] - Silver & Gold
Susie Burke                     Who Walks In                                    [3:32] - Lucky Stars
Mary Black                      Katie                                           [4:40] - By the Time It Gets Dark
Stan Rogers                     Forty-Five Years                                [3:33] - Fogarty's Cove
Eliza Gilkyson                  Bad Boy / Good Man                              [4:56] - Misfits
Lori McKenna                    Fireflies                                       [4:18] - Pieces of Me
Pat Humphries                   Walls and Windows                               [3:33] - Same Rain
Ry Cooder                       Farm Girl                                       [3:55] - My Name Is Buddy
Old School Freight Train        Superstition                                    [3:23] - Run
Dixie Chicks                    Long Time Gone                                  [4:10] - Home
Emmylou Harris                  Sin City                                        [3:59] - Elite Hotel
Bob Dylan                       Watching the River Flow                         [3:36] - Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol 2
Mary Chapin Carpenter           Passionate Kisses                               [3:23] - Come On Come On
Jake Armerding                  Destiny's Flight                                [4:27] - Jake Armerding
Joan Baez                       Diamonds and Rust                               [4:39] - The Best of Joan C. Baez
Stephen Stills                  Different Man                                   [2:13] - Man Alive!
Connie Kaldor                   Bird on a Wing                                  [3:56] - Wood River

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