Mississipi River Cruise

On July 17, 2011 we went on a cruise on the Mississippi River that was
won at the Living Green Expo from the Mississippi River Network
Satellite view of route with key points marked and refered to in {} bracketts below.
The marked satellite view comes from this Google Map

The cruise starts at Boom Island  {A} in Minneapolis just north of downtown and goes down river thru the Upper St Anthony lock
and before the next lock {1} turns around and heads up river thru the lock, past the docks and just past the Lowry Av bridge
to the upper end of navigation on the river {5}.

Looking west from dock at Boom Island to boat {1}. In background
is Plymouth Av bridge which is closed to vehicular traffic after failing
inspection. More inspections were made after the colapse of the I-35W bridge colapse.
Looking up river with RR bridge at about 25th Av N {3}
Looking up river with scrap metal operation and Lowry Av bridge under construction {4}
Looking up river just above Lowry Av bridge {5}