Parks along Purgatory Creeb

Purgatory Park in Minnetonka, MN and
Edenbrook Conservation Area in Eden Prairie, MN
both lie along the upper portion of Purgatory Creek.
They also connect across the border between the two cities
with connecting trails.  But because of the two jurisdictions
this connection is not well documented.  This page is an attempt
to remedy that.

Fred's hacked together a one page map of the two parks:
Parks along Purgatory Creek ( "PP.png" )
Note that the trail from the north crosses under Hwy 62 on the east side of the creek
but the trail south from there is on the west side of the creek so one needs to
loop around and over the Hwy 62 bridge and back down on the trail.
Caution if the map is printed in black and white, it is hard to distinguish the
creek from the trail in the southern half.

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An article about Edenbrook that includes:
 The wooded Eden Prairie neighborhoods surrounding the Edenbrook
 Conservation Area hide this beautiful place from the rest of us.  A
 drive around the encircling
Exploring Edenbrook Conservation Area - Minneapolis Hiking |

Google map of the area
Google map with bicycle routes turned on  Note that to get from one form of Google map to the other
change "Bicycling" checkmark under "Traffic" in upper right of page.
Note that LRT trail to Mpls is runs about 3 miles east of these parks.
It is the long sweeping curve from the upper right of the bicycling map that
goes thru the I- "494" label and has a dog-leg at Hwy 62.

The USGS Purgatory Creek and LRT trail Search for "purgatory park mn"
This is a google like map that serves as an index to USGS maps.  THo the USGS mpas supposedly online
I did not find them very useful.  The one I looked (20Mbyte pdf) at was more like an
ariel photo.

I have not explores other parks along this creek but about large one
with trails on the web:

 Bredesen Park is a mammoth display of scenery and relaxation. With more
 than two miles of walking and biking paths, Bredesen gives Edina's
 residents a chance to work out and wind down while taking in some of the
 gorgeous vegetation. Bathrooms and drinking fountains are available.
Bredesen Park - Edina, MN parks