Fred's links to webcams

Introduction                                  Fred's Favorites
This web page is basically links to webcams that I have looked at in 2008 and was impressed enough to
bookmark (pretty low threshold). I've added a few comments about them. The links are basically
imported from my bookmarks and edited a bit. They are in some mixture of the order they were  bookmarked
with some moved up and sort of put in alpha order by location. First links were found in April 2008.
I added to it a few times since.

BROKEN LINKS Webcam links seem to break more often than web links in general.  I have not
fixed or removed many broken links tho some have been tagged "BROKEN".
Also many links here only have a URL with an IP address (e.g. )
which tend to break since they can not be changed easily.

12/16/18 I have not checked but almost all links here now seem to be broken...
I did find one downtown Mpls working (as of this moment) webcam: The River Towers, downtown Minneapolis Minnesota USA

What webcams show depends on time of day where they are located;
particularly outdoor webcams (most) where darkness usually reduces
what can be seen.  The World Daylight map
is useful when choosing webcams to view.

For a number of webcams - particularly the Danish road webcams, I've used google maps **
to locate the exact spot where the webcam shows (Satellite view).  Typically I get close
by entering name of place and roads and then pan around and zoom in to find the spot.
The "Gmap" link goes to a zoomed in satelite view of the area the camera sees.
You can back out to get context / switch to map mode etc.

** Google: location privacy concerns There are reports that Google continues to track a user's location
even if the location history is switched off.
List of credible alternatives to Google Maps (and other apps) that actually respect your privacy.
Why would you use OpenStreetMap if there is Google Maps?
Open Street ( short URL: )

Highlight: Fred's I-35W bridge construction archive of close shots on 6/18/08
Note. This is the replacement of the famous bridge that collpased in 2007. Construction is complete so the
webcams of construction are now closed.

A few general webcam comments can be found in this blog entry.    My Link Page (home page)
This is a rather informal endeavor so this page and the blog entry are not very polished.

KEY to some abbeviations used in this file sometimes
BROKEN site no longer working. Note that it may just be URL has changed and the webcam is still
available at a different URL that I am unaware of. I often only have IP addr based urls which are prone to breaking.
Feedback welcome.
Note: Asterisk in column one are Fred's favorites (as of 1/09) Also listed separately: Favorites
      Some webcams have two links, a link to the webcam page which opens in the second "cam" window.
      If there is a Gmap link it opens in a third window/tab called "map".
      If you want to go to more than one webcam, you probably want to come back to the
      "Camlist" window (this page) and the new cam (and map) will overlay the first cam and map.
      This seems to work fine with the Firefox browser that I use.
utN update time N seconds (v=video)
lg large displayed image (typically
Stsn - Street scene, public square, campus walkway etc. People can be seen.
StsnL - Longer shot of a street scene
zN - observed zoom level (under development)   N=J/SD
 J= Object size on display (mm)
 S=known obj size in middle of image (feet Estimate: driving lane width, car length, car width, human height )
 D=Diagonal size of whole image on display

* Asia, Singapore, taxi,fountain,marina AXIS udv Stsn  Gmap
source (4 webcams or 4 presets(?)) , tilt (up/dn),pan,zoom,focus,iris controls.
Fred: Daylight is helpful (late evening in USA?), otherwise may have to open "Iris" Update. Like many cams this one has changed. There's less control, sometimes unavailable.
------------------ 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
*Buffalo, WY webcam /Clear Creek Middle Sch  Gmap
Fred:The camera is pointed north-west. This camera wa setup in part to produce a... Time lapse video of construction of Clear Creek Middle School construction. Pictures taken from June 2005 - June 2007. The video contains approximately 63,000 pictures taken from 7AM till 5PM Times of no progress like weekends were removed.
* Denmark, Town Hall Square (Torv) Blaavand (nr Esberg)  Gmap
Fred: Use "Webcam Live" to get has controls. Try 640x480 if bandwidth permits. Looks west so prone to being blinded by sun late morning Mpls time
Denmark Webcams Road index (?)
Webcams Denmark,Webkam Danmark, Webcam Danmark,Webcam Denmark,Trafik Danmark, Weather Webcams Denmark
Denmark - webcam
Danish Webcam Remote Controlled Online 24/7, Funny Pictures, Free Online Games, Webcams, Download Free Games, Cool Wallpapers, 3D Graphics, Free Computer Games Online, Download Pictures for PC Desktop, Insane Pictures, Play Games For Free
[GONE]*I-35W Bridge Rebuild, Mn/DOT webcam
Top: long view updated ever 12 min. "Archived Images" link: zoom,pan
Bottom: closer up image ( upd: 60 seconds). (offline now) Fred's 35w archive of close shots on 6/18/08 (segment being installed)
Strib 35W Webcam Pan, zoom from high above se of bridge (offline since bridge complete)
* IOWA STATE UNIV, Ames - ISU 2 update times; same view  15 sec (Has link to "Video")  *Alt video  Gmap  Campus map AXIS Stsn lg
*Maine, Bath Webcam Stsn sm ut20
Maine Webcam. Web cam overlooking Front Street, Bath, Maine and the Kennebec River. Catch great sunrises over the river and locals perusing down Front Street.
Maine, Portland Head Light Webcam
Lake Superior Duluth overlooking Lake Superior from the Allete Headquarters
Mpls freeways MnDOT webcams - links on map
Mpls freeways MnDOT webcams - text
*MnDOT traffic incidents w/ webcams
Pine Ridge SD webcam
Rochester, MN webcam
St. Paul, MN Air Pollution Web Cam
Hazecam is the MidWest's real-time air pollution visibility camera network.
UMN (broken?) webcam
working 5/5/08 CSOM L-127
=================================== ================================ ====================
Kat Kam Vancouver BC has links to webcam indexes
Grand Canyon NP Webcam
Leonard's Cam World: National Parks Webcam Directory
MN, Golden Valley webcam
MN, Mps, Lake Calhoun Cam
MN, Minneapolis River Cam
MN Minneapolis Calhoun Sq Cam
MN, Mpls Stribcam (offline 4/8/08), dir of webcams in Minnesota
Earth View images from satellites select/pan
Minnesota State Webcam Directory Webcambiglook shows full screen pictures live from MN web cam directory
MN, Mpls Twins Stad webcam
Hawaii webcam upd: 10 min
AlaskaCam looking east on Fourth Ave in Anchorage toward the Chugach Range
japan webcam upd:freq StsnL Control pan&zoom
Japan, Yokohama from window, Stsn
*Times Square Stsn sm utv NYC Manhattan 46th and Bway looking south
Patrick Senecal's Dashboard of best
Webcam portal allowing to view a lot of webcams in the world in real time and to reach each official website.
--------------- DANISH Traffic Cams --------------------------------------------
Vejret i Nakskov
Vejret i Nakskov, online vejrdata
*Denmark, Rute 161 ved Aarup (select update time)  Gmap
Fred: Seems to have selectable timing down to 5 sec. Fairly close up. Looking SW
Rute 8 ved Kruså
Rute 303 ved Villestofte  Gmap
Fred: Has bike lanes.
Rute 43/8 ved Faaborg  Gmap
Traffic circle w/ bike lanes. Looking north
Rute 9 ved Bregninge ;straightaway w/bike (?) ped lanes
Rute 185/411 ved Ejstrupholm  Gmap
Taffic circle w/ bike lanes. Looking east
Rute 16 ved Hillerød
Has diff set of traffic cams ?? Fred: DK Weather in Danish only. Has ( link to?) webcam directory
E47 ved Hillested - nr Holeby
E20 Amagermotorvejen - N AND S cams
Cusco Web Cam, Live Image of Cusco Peru - Cuzco Webcam Stsn sm ut30
Times Square Cam StsnL sm ut1 angle shifts some
"Leo & Una" Lion cage at Univ of North Alabama AXIS ::lg color utv often off camera
Montclair State New Jersey AXIS
Mesa State AXIS sm Stsn ut? little activity
[now: restricted]Chemsoft office in San Jose AXIS ::lg color ut3 At desk Mpls time: 1:56pm
Northern Arizona Univ Flagstaff AXIS Stsn ::lg color utvid courtyard. Activity ebbs and flows with classes (?)
*Soccer field, ME? where?? Maritime Academy Castine, Maine? Gmap? (based on IP) AXIS
Kent State AXIS Ssn view of rear of Stopher-Johnson-Honors College - rear courtyard ::lg ut3 clr
Rock Mountain NC AXIS Lake, mtn, benches, seldom people
Gulf Shores (AL ) Brett/Robinson AXIS 4 views sm
[now: restricted]The Back Bar cent time AXIS Fri, Sat pm
*Jasper, IN Main St Gmap AXIS Lg Stsn udv
Bjorklidens skidomrade AXIS Mtn ski path
*Centrumkorsning AXIS Stsn lg utv in Pajala, Sweden north of arctic circle  gmap
 Aerial photo I think yellow building in bottom center is on the right in webcam image. Lg Sundial is just to left of webcam image.
 Pajala.SE Note link to English and to webcams
Premi la sequenza dei pulsanti ... AXIS
Svendborg Torv AXIS Stsn lg utv
Chioggia Italy AXIS StsnL sm color ut2?
*Napili Beach Hawaii AXIS lg utv color
Beluga cam ? AXIS
PC-Rooms ETEW AXIS computer lab, Europe?
Tallinn Estonia AXIS Stsn sm ut1
Aquarium ? AXIS
Medientechnik ? AXIS Stsn Germany? lg picnic tables in foreground?
Adukovizig Baja ?? 6 hr later than MN AXIS Long view of bay w/ bridge
Maine Maritime Academy
Maine public college of engineering, business, transportation, nautical & ocean science. Leader in maritime education; Hands-on, training cruises, 60 vessels, internships & co-ops; high job placement & salaries; Coast Guard licensing as ship officer.
N AZ Univ 2 AXIS? ::lg color does not auto update, reload
Lake Vermilion Eagle Eye Cam
Lake Vermilion's Eagle Eye lake cam.
Harbor Cam :: Visit Grand Marais, Minnesota - Grand Marais Area Tourism Association
The harbor village of Grand Marais, Minnesota on the North Shore of Lake Superior welcomes you with lodging, shopping, dining, art galleries, and cultural events
BEACH CAM - Venice Beach, California
Amazing Beach Cam - Live webcam from Venice Beach, California, updated every few seconds to view the beach, surf and weather on the web
San Francisco Beach upd: 60 sec
The San Francisco Bay Area's largest Webcam Network is always on
Golden Gate Bridge upd 60 sec
The San Francisco Bay Area's largest Webcam Network is always on
SF State upd: 18sec
San Francisco bay&skyline w/ ships mapped
Newport Beach
Live outdoor cameras setup in interesting places: New York City's Empire State Building, Newport Beach's pier, Santa Cruz wharf, and a view of the Earth from high in space. High quality images, fast updates.
English Channel, Isle of Wight, Sandown Beach upd:5sec
Live views of Sandown Beach on the Isle of Wight from the Driftwood Beach Bar and Grill
Mora, Sweden Webcam w/ links to others 12/12/10: I was just lamenting how many links on this page no longer work when I tried this OLD link which has an image that gives the new link above with a brief explanation in Swedish and English
Univ of Iowa upd: 10sec
DM web cam view
Des Moines Iowa
StribC 35W bridge construction
Complete news coverage of Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota, including articles, video, photo galleries, blogs and columns by the Star Tribune's Katherine Kersten and Nick Coleman.
Swan Cam Schaumburg Ill
Odencam Surbrunn SE ?
*Docks Gothenburg, Sweden Related to Univ of Gothenburg , Sweden (on west coast across the sound from N end of Jutland. Gmap
Beach scene - west coast?
Varde Bibliotek - Varde, DK
Varde Biblioteks hjemmeside finder du information om biblioteket, åbningstider og medarbejdere. Siderne indeholder vejledning for bl.a. skoleelever, studerende og erhvervslivet. Der er adgang til on-line selvbetjening i bibliotekets databaser og guider til Internettet. Der er selvstændige børnesider og hjemmesider for filialerne i Agerbæk, Nr. Nebel, Oksbøl, Outrup, Oelgod, Ølgod og bogbussen.
Adam's Block San Francisco Up briefly about Dec 2008. Replacment promised
250 Taylor Street San Francisco - Google Maps
Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.
PenguinCams: California Academy of Sciences

---------------------- 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------
Spokane 2nd & Monroe nr ... work loc
DENMARK webcam pg from Flavio Nelson
Blåvand Torv Webcam & Vejrstation
wash. DC Capitol Cam
This EarthCam camera is your free ticket to the majesty and history of the Capital of the United States of America. Located at JBG Companies' property on 500 N. Capitol Street, enjoy spectacular views of important Washington D.C. landmarks, including the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, Union Square, and the Capitol Mall.
YouTube Wash. Monument (5:06)
My second attempt to see the Washington Monument from the inside.Check out more of my videos at
We Are One, Big Crowd Obama Inaug.
It was cold, but the crowd swelled at the National Mall to see and hear the performers, speakers and the president-elect and vice president-elect themselves at "We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration...
U of Iowa
Wash D.C. (wash post) mo ago imag 1/20/09

The Linux-powered network camera
Video aof Axis Cam 214 PZ panning
Axis 214PTZ Network Camera REVIEW 2006
Posted by Robert R. Ballecer, SJ -- May 23, 2006 Axis Communications 214 PTZ Network Video Camera Say the words, “Network Video
Axis Communications - Wikipedia
Axis 210 $444.
Educational Software - Axis 210 Network Camera - from for Students, Teachers, Faculty, Staff, and Schools, providing low-cost academic software alternatives to retail prices.
Google hacks to view webcams
webcam information for home and bsns
information and source for webcam network video camera technology and services worldwide.
DK, Copenhagen Town Hall Square added 3/09 - det levende net - Webcam
Stevenson Axis cam cst-3
LaPlaya Bay Axis cam Axis Cam Libe Axis Cam
Laranie, WY Axis Cam
Fleming NMR lab Axis Cam
Fort Benton RV Axis Cam MST
Axis Network Camera Review 2003
Reviews axis network camera review axis205 Axis Network Camera Summary The Axis 205 is small and compact and those features alone draw most of the attention. However, the lack of pan, tilt and zoom features as well as a merely...
tann,com Fwy 57 Axis Cam PST
S Dak Dino Cam Axis Cam
Court yard Axis Cam EST
Plaza Axis Cam MTS Axis Cam Axis Cam Axis Cam Axis Cam (no image 3/7/09) Axis Cam Axis Cam 2
ToolikCam Axis Cam Dark 7am CST
Cullen Col of Eng - Comp Ctr Axis Cam law Sch Axis Cam (dark 3/7/09)
Lego Cam Axis Cam
Comp lab Axis Cam EST (Neb) Axis Cam Youngstown Axis Cam (no image 3/7/09) Axis Cam w/ pan, zoom comp lab Axis Cam
Aviation cam Axis Cam
Oxford, UK Axis Cam Axis Cam Rock Hill, SC Axis Cam gift shop Axis Cam #4 KY Distillery Axis Cam gift #7 Axis Cam
Hov Centrum Axis Cam Axis Cam
Dogcam? Axis Cam
Greenhouse Axis cam classroom Axis Cam
St Martin Kirchurm Axis Cam Axis Cam
Jim's Live Chicago Dodge RAM Cam comp lab Axis Cam
Bjorkliden Axis Cam (Mountains)
Palm Beach Ct Hse Axis Cam
Portland Observatory Axis Cam Axis Cam
Calern Observatory Axis Cam
Santa Clarita Axis Com
Erie PA Yacht Club Axis Cam
Vevkamera .. Swedish webcams
NC Triangle Live Traffic Camera Map ::
Check up-to-the-minute road conditions with more than 100 live cameras on our new Google-based maps. Just click a camera icon to view conditions.
Sioux City Iowa webcam
---------------- 2010 -----------------------
Wayzata Yacht Club - 3 webcams
Wayzata Yacht Club on Lake Minnetonka and in the Apostle Islands. A community sailing center for adult and youth sailboat racing programs.
Napili Sunset works 1/10
Chart of webcams Th3 B04 S3rv3z
Webcam list on Swedish site jan '10
Sveriges största samling av svenska och utländska webbkameror, jorden runt.
Public nannycams - Network World security / finding
I hope that any of you who put in IP-based cameras and want them to be private do not assume that no one will find them on the 'Net. I also hope that the manufacturers will fix their code to make the cameras not so easy to find.
Italy SAURON project academic coourtyard
Japan? Blue-pan
Japan Blue-pan
Blue-pan:uses sytem like Blavand Torv w/ blue UI w/ Pan-tilt
tchome webcams

Favorites and sites that need to be checked frequently

dntn mpls - N2nd and Henn
Eaglecam MN 2015
World Daylight map
Denmark, Town Hall Square (Torv) Blaavand (nr Esberg, Jutland) Gmap Snapshot of Gmap (satellite view) with "V" showing approximate webcam view
Old link to Denmark, Rute 161 ved Aarup broken. Can now be accessed (I think) interactively via DK traffic cams
Pan to Odense, zoom to 3rd bar from bottom, hover over camera icon w/o black border (only one cam) above and to right of Aarup
Buffalo, WY webcam /Clear Creek Middle Sch
Iowa State 15 sec (Has link to "Video")
Maine, Bath Webcam Stsn sm ut20
MnDOT traffic incidents w/ webcams BROKEN
Napili Beach Hawaii AXIS lg utv color
Soccer field, ME?  where?? Maritime Academy Castine, Maine? Gmap? (based on IP) AXIS
Jasper, IN Main St Gmap AXIS Lg Stsn udv
Docks Gothenburg, Sweden View 1 View 2 Related to Dept of Marine Ecology, Univ of Gothenburg , Sweden (on west coast across the sound from N end of Jutland. Gmap
Near home: Sioux City North MS 2 trees in fiels, shadows move  Sioux City East MS Brick wall, nothing changes
BROKEN Asia, Singapore, taxi,fountain,marina AXIS udv Stsn
BROKEN Centrumkorsning AXIS Stsn lg utv

Times Square Stsn sm utv NYC Manhattan 46th and Bway looking south
Use Full Screen icon

Webcams 2017
w0eib apple valley #1
w0eib apple valley #2
DNR web cams
Lake Vermilion