Peru trip 2005

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In June 2005, Fred, Becca and Andrew spent 3 weeks in Peru for Andrew to see the country of his birth. In June-July 1989 Fred and Becca spent six weeks in Lima, Peru adopting baby Andrew. On that trip we spent all of our time in Lima.

The first part of our 2005 trip was in Lima.
We visited sites related to Andrew's birth and adoption, saw some of life in Lima and went to a few museums and such. We stayed with Amelia who we'd met in 1989. Amelia only speaks Spanish.

Gladys, Fred, Becca and baby Andrew at hospital in 1989. Gladys was the interpreter who helped us with the many adoption related meetings.
Amelia, Fada (her daughter), baby Andrew and Fred at the front door of Amelia's apartment in 1989. For part of that trip we stayed in the upstairs apartment (other door).
Amelia, Lupe (her other daughter), Andrew and Fred at the front door of Amelia's apartment in 2005.
Amelia serving us causa, one of the many delicious Peruvian foods she served us while we stayed with her.

Revisiting the hospital where Andrew was born.
The 3 of us and PR man who gave us a tour.

In the second part of the trip we spent a week or so in Cusco, the center of Peru's Inca heritage.

We visited the famous Machu Picchu ruins.
Long view of Machu Picchu Note enlargement of lower left corner that shows people for scale. At present tourists can roam the paths thru the ruins tho there is concern that this is damaging the site.
Becca and Machu Picchu Another long view with Becca.
    To zoom in and scroll on same picture(307K): Large scale of Becca and Machu Picchu (She's in lower left)
Agricultural terraces WITH person for scale
Andrew and Valley below Machu Picchu; Fred and the valley
Becca with river far below in valley
Andrew with llama and mountain at Machu Picchu
Some closer up pictures of Machu Picchu ruins.
Candid picture of Andrew taking a picture at Machu Picchu
Main gate of Machu Picchu
Fred in a doorway with stone rafter support posts above / Andrew and Machu Picchu fountain

We also visited several other Inca and pre-Inka sites closer to Cusco.
Long view of the Inca citadel of Tipon Note the steps built into the walls.
Fred, Becca and Andrew at Tipon on steps built into stone walls.

We also attended the Inti Raymi festival which is a re-creation of ancient festival of the sun.
Inti Raymi - Inca on his litter
Red maidens facing left in smoke
Councelors at Inti Rami

After that we took a 12 hour train trip to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
La Raya market stop of Cusco-Puno train The train crosses the high altiplano which we thought resembled Wyoming.

Lake Titicaca is huge and high at about 10,000 feet on the border with Bolivia.
Wikipedia page for Lake Titicaca
Google map satellite picture of Lake Titicaca (best with broadband)
We took a 5 hour boat trip to Taquile Island.
Becca on Taquile Island with expanse of Lake Titikaka and Bolivia in the background.
We stopped at the floating Uros Islands which are made of reeds.
Approaching Uros Island
Andrew on Uros Island with boat we rode on in background.

We ended our trip with two days back in Lima with Amelia. On our flight to and from Lima we were accompanied by 15 year old Kami who was also born in Peru. She'd made her birth country trip with her parents in 2004. In 2005 she came back to stay for 3 weeks with her birth family. We've never had contact with Andrew's birth family.

Kami and Andrew start to recover from the trip at the Atlanta airport

These have been cropped and reduced in resolution for use on the web. Fred 12/12/05