Cellphone browsing of Fred's pages

(Non preformated version - typical of web pages)

My web pages do not make special provisions for viewing on cell phones. Sorry about that but that's the way it is. Try viewing them sideways.

My web pages are very simple html. Html is the source file format for web pages. Browsers interpret it to display web pages. Most of my web pages are "preformated", that is they use the <pre> tag extensively. The <pre> tag which is short for "preformated" causes displayed line spacing to be the same as in the html source file. Most pages on the web are NOT preformatted. Mine are unusual. The way I do things, it is convenient for formatting lines, that is setting line lengths (as displayed on a full display) It also makes displaying things in columns easy ( for a full display window...)

Simply not using the <pre> tag results in very long lines on a full display which I don't like. See these examples:
Preformatted version of this page (My usual)
Non-preformatted version of this page (Typical of web pages)

I maintain my pages in a text editor -- NOT a wysiwyg tool. And I am not about to learn how to use one (or several!) of the many web page creation tools and online services that all have their own learning curves, idioscracies and limits.

This is my compromise for having some web presence. Easy for me, not great pages.

I figure, better to have simple web pages rather than none at all.

Ever notice how the number of people with their own web pages is so much smaller than the number of people who use email?

Now many people have Facebook pages which are web pages of a sort. But I have other complaints about Facebook.

Feel free to email me screenshots of how my pages look on your cell phone. fholson {at} cohousing.org Maybe it will motivate me to up my game. Pre vs non pre version screen shots would be particularly helpful. Please include details about cellphone being used.
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Part of my "simple" approach is few images - I still contend that many images on the web convey little real and relevant information tho they give an impression of being pretty. "Pretty" is a pretty low priority for me.

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