Internet Evangelist

My web page formerly said I was an "Internet Evangelist" but it was
pointed out to me that that phrase could be interpreted as one who pushes
religion on the Internet! Those who know me would realize the irony of

Indeed the Random House dictionary's last definition for evangelist
does NOT imply a religious connotation (my interpretation)
but to avoid confusion I've dropped this use of "evangelist".

I do feel that people who avoid using the Internet are a bit like
people who avoid using the telephone.

For the record I also use the telephone a lot and I think I see people in
person as much or more as a result of my Internet use.  I have an
appropriate technology orientation.  Many communications needs are best
fulfilled by email but phone, in person etc are more appropriate for other
needs - particularly anything that requires a high degree of interactivity
like setting up a schedule.  Also open ended discussion where no well
defined agenda exists flow better when one response can quickly generated
another response almost in 'brain storm' mode.  Starting in May '97 my
sister and I have used 'chat mode' on the Internet (real-time keyboard to
keyboard) periodically and found the interactivity stimulates satisfying

Related to this last point, my interest in cohousing is in part related
to facilitating in-person contact with my neighbors.  I really
dislike the barriers imposed by our patterns of transportation and
residential distribution.  But that's another discussion...

Fred  Written about June 1998 or before.