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Fred H. Olson                       List manager of COHOUSING-L          Updated a little June 2011
fholson at                 email list.                     Some more current info in Fred's BLOG
(612)588-9532                       urban / community activist
near north area of
Minneapolis, MN  55411   USA       Internet advocate
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About Fred; Some things I am:

I manage a number of discussions and announcement services on the Internet using "mailing list" (listserv) systems. For an introduction to what a mailing list is see: About mailing lists. I now do this as Communications for Justice - The main list I manage is the Cohousing-L email list. I started it in Oct 1992. As of 6/11 it has been stable at about 800 subscribers and 100+ messages per month.

Some other things I do / participate in:

I have done: Written by Fred H. Olson fholson at