Whole Luce Line bike trail

The whole Luce Line bike trail is about 77 miles long from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis to Cosmos, MN. There are
3 sections maintained by 3 different jurisdictions. The sections are well connected on the ground ** but the information
on the web is on several sites that as of March 2021 make little reference to each other. I hope that will change.
Specific items I think could change are marked as bullet points below.

This page (Fred's Whole Luce Line bike trail page ) is intended to knit together the various web pages.

o See suggested snippet at end of this page that links to this page that I hope other web pages will add to their web pages.
  Just that change would help a lot.

** I am unsure about wayfinding signage. It may need to be evaluated.

The static map image below shows the whole Luce Line bike trail with 3 colors for sections based on a screen capture of a Google map.
See links below the map.  Sorry this page is probably not well suited to smart phone use.

NOTE: Links below open in new tabs.
the Luce Line bike trail Google map from which the static map was derived.
Google map notes: click on the left pointing arrow left of center at the top of the map to see the whole map. Note also
that Google does not show the sections.  See also Mpls conditions note below.

 The whole Luce Line bike trail static map image

Web pages about sections of the trail:
Minneapolis section
I had difficulty finding a City of Mpls page about the trail from Wirth Park to the Cedar Lake trail that I think they maintain.
Use Google map.

Via Twin Cities Biking Maps page I found this City of Mpls bike map but it is hard to
read and does not label the Luce Line.  So I extracted a portion of it and added some labels: Luce Line in Mpls

Mpls conditions note:
As of 2021 and probably thru 2022-3(?) the Minneapolis section shows a (detour) route via Plymouth Av separated bike lane due
to Light Rail construction that has closed a portion of the Cedar lake trail that is the usual connection of of the Luce Line
to the river from Van White Blvd under the Twins Field Stadium. Also note that the portion of the trail thru Wirth Park is
closed in the winter with man-made snow for a Loppet Foundation Ski trail. (In 2021 I hope it will be cleared by the end
of March.)

Regional (middle) section
Three Rivers Parks (formerly Hennepin County Parks) page about Luce Line Regional Trail
has a interactive map of the trail from Vicksburg Lane east to Wirth parkway in Minneapolis.

As of March 2021:

o  The map does not show the state trail west or the trail east from Wirth Parkway.

o I see no reference to the Minneaolis section of the trail east to the river tho its inroduction refers to "From the heart of the city,"

o In text on the Three Rivers page, it does say:
  For ambitious trail users, the Luce Line State Trail [the DNR page] continues West of Vicksburg Lane on crushed limestone
                             through Minnesota Prairie for more than 60 miles, nearly to Hutchinson.

State (western) section - 
DNR Luce Line page has the Luce Line pdf map (scalable) of the State section of the trail showing multi user features and amenities.

o It makes no reference to connecting sections east of State section.

"The Official Site for the Luce Line Trail"  This site appears to be developed by Greater Minnesota Communications of Winsted.
It has an Interactive Luce Line map of the State section of the trail.

As of March 2021:

o The map does show a small portion of Regional trail with a green line east to Highway 55. The green line is not documented.

o The map and the page makes no other reference to the Regional Trail.

Friends of the Luce Line West
Friends of the Luce Line West Facebook page Has some updates on changed trail conditions.

Suggested snippet for references to this page:
The whole Luce Line bike trail is about 77 miles long from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis to Cosmos, MN.
For information about other sections see links on Fred's The whole Luce Line page.
Ideally something like this would be prominent on each of the sites above until there is more integrated information.

Suggestion for this page are welcome.  Fred:  fholson at cohousing.org   612-588-9532

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