Luce Line Bike Trail in Golden Valley

Three Rivers Park District held an informational open house on Tuesday, January 29, 2008
from 6-8 p.m., at the Brookview Community Center in Golden Valley, to provide information on
construction plans for a portion of the Luce Line Regional Trail.

In partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the City of Golden Valley,
Three Rivers Park District will begin construction of the last remaining segment of the Luce
Line Regional Trail from Douglas Drive, just north of Highway 55, east to Theodore Wirth
Park. This Trail has been designed and will be managed consistent with the existing portions
of the trail and will provide safe connections for walking, jogging, biking and in-line
skating through our communities.

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The open house had an aerial photo with the route plotted on it.  It may be put on the web at
some point.  I (Fred) have described the route below and below that is a Yahoo map with the route
as a black dotted line.

The route, which all governing bodies have approved, will be constructed by 3 Rivers in 2008.

The trail will be 10' paved, with a 3' safety area on either side, for a total of 16'
right of way.  Presently, the ski trail is 15-20', and where co-mingled the corridor will
be approx 25-30'.  Everything will be south of  the par 3 golf course.  There will be
minimal impact on the off-road area,  and they will be able to move the trail around
choice trees if necessary.

There are some retaining walls to be constructed in some places along the route:

Bike route Luce line GV from Douglas Drive and Country Club Drive to Wirth Parkway
Eastbound:                                                under Hwy 100
trail follows north side Country Club to Douglas Drive    cross N Lilac Dr
north on West side of Douglas Drive                       east along RR (on embankment above level of RR(?))
to intersection with Frontage Rd                          in Schaper Pk
cross Douglas to East side                                south and around pond
North along east side of Douglas to RR                    follow existing path in park to intersection of RR and Ottawa Av N
East along south side of RR                               cross RR
to intersection with n-s RR                               east downhill along N side of RR across new structure and into Wirth Park
loop south around RR-RR junction                      /\  follow existing Ski Trail to access road
east along south side of RR                cont >>>>  /   follow access road to Wirth Parkway
Yahoo map with the route as a black dotted line