Earthday bike ride 2006

Note Saturday 4/29 9:30 AM
After 2 days of nice slow rain (hey I grew up in a small farm town)
that we needed it is clear that a Bike ride on Sunday is not likely to be
very pleasant.  So I reluctantly declare it to be off for tomorrow.

Since the first weekend in May is so busy here
(Mpls - St Paul Home tour, Cynco de Mayo, Heart of the Beast May Day
Parade, Bryn Mawr Yard Sale, Festival of Nations ...)
I do NOT consider Sunday  May 6th a viable alternative.

Anyone interested in Sunday May 13th?

BTW on Thursday I rode the route. It is in good condition, it took me
about an hour for the loop proper with no stops at a moderate pace.

--- end 4/29 note ---

The Earthday bike ride around the Cedar Lake - Hopkins loop is planned
for Sunday, April 30, 2006 . This is the fourth year for the ride.
About 12 miles of off-road paved bike trail.

The plan for 2006 is pretty much a repeat of 2005 tho this year it is
being cosponsored by MUUSJA Ecominds group
The mission of EcoMinds is to promote lifestyles, policies and
technologies that respect and sustain all life on earth.


Noon, Sunday April 30, 2005 on the north side of Thomas Lowry park
('Seven Pools') across from 900 Mt Curve Ave in Minneapolis - the First
Unitarian Society (FUS)

There are directions to the starting point on the FUS web site :   The meeting at FUS is result of
the ride having evolved from an FUS Service Auction and about half of
the people expected are FUS members. (See below for optional second
meeting place "down the hill". )

I suggest bringing a bag lunch which can be eaten before starting out or
at the first stop. Water bottles, of course, are advisable.
I would require helmets if I could.

I expect it to be a moderate paced 'family' ride.  I encourage you to
invite family members and others to join us. The Hennepin County
Bike/Road map includes the loop. These maps are available free at
license renewal offices and such.  I have extra copies of this map.

Of course the whole plan is dependent on the weather and conditions
being suitable on April 30th.  I predict we'll get back to FUS
at about 3:00 pm.


From FUS we will bike a few blocks to get on the Cedar Lake trail by
the ice rink on Kenwood Parkway. This is 'down the hill' from FUS and
people could start and end here by prearrangement - parking at the ice
rink is ok.  I expect to go clockwise again this year. That is, go west
from the starting point a few blocks, under 394 and a couple blocks
beyond that 'bear left' to go south-southwest on the Kenilworth trail to
the Midtown Greenway.  From there west on the LRT trail.

We will probably stop at the restaurant by the trail at Lake Street near
a few minutes into our ride and eat at outdoor tables.  You can bring a
lunch or purchase something.

I'm again specifically inviting some recumbent bike riders to join us
again to give us a chance to see these bicycling alternatives.

From there on west to Hopkins and then back on the extension of the
Cedar Lake trail.

Again the ride is free but a no pressure donation will be accepted for the
MUUSJA Ecominds group (I pass out empty, blank envelopes and collect them later.)

Please send me a note (or call) with a guess about whether you will be
joining us this year:
Fred Olson email: fholson [at] or 612-588-9532

This announcement can be read on the web at


Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411  USA        (near north Mpls)
Communications for Justice - email listservs.
fholson at   612-588-9532   (7am-10pm Central time)
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