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Selected bike/walk related links - mostly Minneapolis related  *=highlight links with asterisk and pause for details
Links at Major Taylor Bike Club website               Fred regular blog now has his Bike Blog integrated with it
Fred's Whole Luce Line bike trail page March 2021
City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program has many useful links. "Where to Ride" link goes to page with
 maps - online and where to get printed ones including the great Hennepin County Bike map.
City of Minneapolis Pedestrian Program Similar resources for walking.
Minneapolis Bicycle Registration - Free Also report stolen registered bikes
Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
Our Streets formerly Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition
Slow Roll weekly North Mpls (mostly) bike ride
Nice Ride Minnesota public bike sharing system will start in Minneapolis in May of 2010.
MN Off Road trails including Wirth Park Trails
Move MN* advocating for buses, light rail, commuter rail in Minnesota
North Minneapolis Bikeways
Luce Line Bikepath from Douglas Drive in Golden Valley to Wirth Parkway is now open. A key link west from Mpls.
Major Taylor Bike Club is the premier African-American bicycling club in the state of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest
Bicycle Commuter Institute
Blue bike lanes in Denmark pix*
Vision Zero Mpls project to prevent severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes.

Recumbent bicycles  .
 I've been riding recumbent bikes pretty exclusively since Oct. 2009.  A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle which places the pedals
 in front rather than below the rider.  The rider's back is supported. Many recumbent riders find them easier and more
 comfortable to ride.  I was interested in them well before I got one.  Since I ride mostly for tranporation in the city
 and therefore lock it up on the street, I wanted one I was willing to do that with. Recumbent bikes tend to be pricey
 compared to the wide range of upright bikes - they are made in smaller numbers and tend to have above average components.
 When I finally found used recumbents for sale by individuals for acceptable prices -- see Craigslist (paragraph below),
 I bought a used recumbent and then another.  As far as I'm concerned it is the only way to go.
 There is a wide variety of recumbent bike but the main ways they differ crank placement (in front vs behind front wheel)
 and steering arrangement (over seat vs under seat).
 Here's another good overview of recumbent bikes Bicycleman FAQ
 Fred on bent I now ride - Vision, short wheel base , underseat steering
 Fred towing canoe with bike
 Fred on PREVIOUS recumbent bike Nov 2009 which I rode for about 2 years.
 Rover recumbent tadpole trike like Becca got in June 2011
 Fred's 2006 dream bike design and recumbent bikes it evolved from.  I've never attempted to build this.

Special Twin Cities bike shops - public workshops, used, coop, recumbent  .
NOTE that all hours may have changed in the Covid era

Venture North Bike/Walk/Coffee Open Shop-Tue 3-7, youth employment  1830 Glenwood Av 612-377-3029 2//17: M-F 7-7pm, Sat 10-5
Recovery Bike Shop Open Shop (Mon 7pm starting July 2018) , used. Central near Lowry Ave: 2504 Central Ave NE 612-876-5356
Cycles for Change - Mpls Announced closure 8/24/20  Open Shop-Wed 4-pm, Sat 1pm, Tue-women-5pm, 24/7 repair station 1915 East 22nd Street 612-787-7433
Grease Pit Bike Shop Now located at 2750 Bloomington Ave. Public workshop (donations) Mon - Thur:6-9pm  Sat, Sun: 3-6pm
Full Cycle is a bike shop based on a program to teach at-risk youth to repair bikes at 3515 Chicago Av S 612-824-7581.
Freewheel Midtown Bike Center on Midtown Greenway. Storage, Rentals, Cafe , Repair Classes,  Public Shop ($4/ 15 min)
Hub bike Shop Coop, two locations, Cedar Riverside; near Hiawatha & Lake (has used bikes and public shop ($5/hr))
OUT OF Business?  Sunrise Cyclery at 2901 Blaisdell Ave So (new location) has an extensive inventory of used bikes.
OUT OF Business?  Two Wheels Bike Shop sells re-built used bikes and offers tune-ups. 1014 W 27th  St

St. Paul
Express Bike Shop Community based used bikes / training 1158 Selby (nr Lex)  651-644-9660 M-F noon-7 Sat 1-5
Cycles for Change! (formerly Sibley Bike Depot) Member based nonprofit advocacy and public repair/education. located at
     712 University Ave., St Paul  (1 block west of Dale)
OUT OF Business:  Edina Bike Shop NW of France Av and Hwy 62  Lower cost recumbents.

Craigslist Twin Cities bikes for sale is a good website to look for used bikes. Maybe 1% are
recumbent bikes. Search multiple recent pages for "recumbent" (use the next link at the bottom of pages).
I got my last two recumbent bikes via this site. USE usual PRECAUTIONS when arranging deals.
It should be possible to configure Google Alerts to notify one by email when a 'bent' shows up for sale.
Fred's Bike Blog has been integrated into Fred's general blog May 2019

FUS Earthday bike rides: 2006 2005 2005,2 2004

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