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Bassett Creek Cohousing, Minneapolis

Web pages Fred maintains ( or should :) maintain:

Bassett Creek Cohousing Since May 2015 and continuing in 2016 there has been discussion of the area in the
the Harrison Neighborhood of Minneapolis at the north end of the Van White Bridge
over the Bassett's Creek.
Communications for Justice - Justcomm
Fred's organization to promote effective use of mailing lists and email for good causes.
Fred's BLOG
Cohousing-L mailing list info page ( Main mailing list I manage )           About mailing lists (listserv's)
Cohousing Minnesota  Retrofit Cohousing  Urban Cohousing   Cohousing-like efforts on Fred's block: Homewood Cohousing
Fred's Bike/walk Page
Lincoln Peace Garden
Peacemaking Circles-MN
History of the Farmer-Labor Movement    Obituaries for Alice and John Tripp
Freethinking Forum
Mesaba Coop Park on MN Iron Range
North Minneapolis Neighbors for Peace 
Willard-Homewood Organization
Get a PERMANENT email address: Fred's explanation of E-mail Forwarding Aliases
Do not buy bottled water    MO'R Designs Location
Webcams page   Fred's Digital TV page   Fred's One Laptop Per Child page   North Minneapolis Transit
Some of our trips:  Peru Pictures 2005  Danish Cohousing Tour Pictures 1999
About Fred Picture of Fred March 2015 (w/name tag)    12/12   3/98   Becca's web page

A few links to sites I like (which are maintained by others):
The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)
Hopework Folk School
Unitarian Universalist Metro Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA - "moosejaw")   Wireless Minneapolis
Open Eye Theatre
One Laptop Per Child universal world education program
Lincoln School Playground Re-imagining   at FB

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