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Fred H. Olson (612)588-9532 Minneapolis, MN 55411
urban / community activist       Emale :)   -->     fholson {at}

Web pages Fred maintains ( or should :) :
Communications for Justice - Justcomm
Fred's organization to promote effective use of mailing lists and email for good causes.
Fred's BLOG
Cohousing-L mailing list info page ( Main mailing list I manage )           About mailing lists (listserv's)
Cohousing Minnesota  Retrofit Cohousing  Urban Cohousing   Cohousing-like efforts on Fred's block: Homewood Cohousing
Fred's Bike/walk Page
Lincoln Peace Garden           Map of USPS collection boxes near 55411  from: here
Peacemaking Circles-MN
History of the Farmer-Labor Movement    Obituaries for Alice and John Tripp
Freethinking Forum
Mesaba Coop Park on MN Iron Range
North Minneapolis Neighbors for Peace 
Willard-Homewood Organization
Get a PERMANENT email address: Fred's explanation of E-mail Forwarding Aliases
Do not buy bottled water    MO'R Designs Location
Webcams page   Fred's Digital TV page   Fred's One Laptop Per Child page   North Minneapolis Transit
Some of our trips:  Peru Pictures 2005  Danish Cohousing Tour Pictures 1999
About Fred Picture of Fred March 2015 (w/name tag)    12/12   3/98   Becca's web page

A few links to sites I like (which are maintained by others):
The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)
Hopework Folk School
Unitarian Universalist Metro Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA - "moosejaw")   Wireless Minneapolis
Open Eye Theatre
One Laptop Per Child universal world education program
Lincoln School Playground Re-imagining   at FB

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